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Re: Netscape 6 -- related lib question(s)

montefin <montefin@finux.com> writes:
> I planned to watch this thread because
> a.) I want to install Netscape 6 this weekend too. Though I have
> libstdc++2 libs, if it really wants ++1.6* libs I'd like to know where
> to d/l them, and...

I'm not sure if you can run Netscape 6 with slink because it (slink)
uses glibc 2.0.x, which is not thread-safe. (On the other hand, maybe
they managed to link statically ?)

> b.) ...since I installed Slink a month ago, every time ldconfig runs, I
> get the following warning:
> 'can't find libtcpwrapGK.so.1.0 ... skipping'
> There is a symlink from libtcpwrapGK.so.1 --> libtcpwrapGK.so.1.0, but
> there is no file of that name. I hoped the file would appear with
> Potato, but it didn't. Maybe it's no longer needed, but maybe it is?
> I guess my question really is, when you're looking for say a lib or
> other missing file that you know is probably in a larger package, how do
> you find it? I realize
> 'dpkg -S <filepattern>'

if this library is not installed, then I don't see any reason why you
shouldn't remove it. The symlink is useless.
Still one question remains unanswered: how does this happen ?

Felix Natter

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