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Re: install problem

Tony, et al,

I just went through problems with the CD-ROM during install myself.  I was
trying to install the Debian O'Reilly\SGI\VA Linux distribution.  The boot
kernel didn't recognize my SCSI CD-ROM.  I was afraid I was going to have to
make lots of floppies to install the base system.  Installing from floppies
is an activity I'd like to forget.

The work around was "installation from a DOS partition" using "loadin.exe".
I copied the following files from the Debian CD-ROM on to a Iomega Zip drive


Please note: all of this is discussed in Section 5.3 - "Installing Debian
GNU/Linux For Intel x86" which I believe is called "install.txt" on the
CD-ROM.  The authors also state these files are available from the "nearest
Debian FTP mirror".

I booted with a "pure" MS-DOS 5 (no Windows versions, please) floppy!  As
all my other drives were partitioned for fat32 or Linux, this old operating
system saw the zip drive as "C:".  I then ran "install.bat" from C:  The
content of install.bat is "loadlin linux root=/dev/ram initrd=root.bin".
All went very smoothly and my SCSI CD-ROM was recognized after the base
system was loaded and the system went through it's install reboot.  The
secret on an install from a DOS partition is just that - make sure it's DOS
and not a Windows version of DOS (it took me all Saturday morning to learn
that lesson!).


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From: Homer (Tony) Stavely <tstavely@keene.edu>
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Date: Saturday, April 29, 2000 2:22 PM
Subject: install problem

>Going through the install process with Debian 2.1r4 on two new cdroms, I
>get as far as Install the Base System.  Some error develops while
>extracting base2_1.tgz from the cd and I have so far found no way around
>it.  I've been looking forward to trying Debian so I hope there's an easy
>fix for this problem.  Any suggestions?
>Homer (Tony) Stavely <tstavely@keene.edu>
>Professor of Psychology
>Keene State College
>Keene, New Hampshire, USA
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