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Re: Netscape 6 -- related lib question(s)

Oki DZ wrote:
> Hi,
> Please disregard my previous posting.
> I can run Netscape 6 now; thanks to Eric Hanchrow for the response of
> getting libstdc*.so.

I planned to watch this thread because

a.) I want to install Netscape 6 this weekend too. Though I have
libstdc++2 libs, if it really wants ++1.6* libs I'd like to know where
to d/l them, and...

b.) ...since I installed Slink a month ago, every time ldconfig runs, I
get the following warning:

'can't find libtcpwrapGK.so.1.0 ... skipping'

There is a symlink from libtcpwrapGK.so.1 --> libtcpwrapGK.so.1.0, but
there is no file of that name. I hoped the file would appear with
Potato, but it didn't. Maybe it's no longer needed, but maybe it is?

I guess my question really is, when you're looking for say a lib or
other missing file that you know is probably in a larger package, how do
you find it? I realize

'dpkg -S <filepattern>'

will search already installed packages, but what about packages not
installed? I'd really appreciate learning the file's location or whether
I can just remove it, or best of all, a method for searching for missing
files on a mirror or at debian.org (which AFAICT is currntly between
search engines).

Eric, if you're watching, could you post your reply to Oki here and
maybe clue me in about libtcpwrapGK.so.1.0 also? Or anyone else?



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