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Re: MST7MDT timezone broken?

On Wed, Apr 05, 2000 at 01:08:18AM -0600, Scott Barker wrote:
> I just switched my timezone to America/Edmonton, which fixed the apparent
> problem with the timezone, but cron is still an hour behind. I guess I might
> as well reboot and see what happens...

I too got daylight time to be recognized by changing experimentally from
the SystemV-style EST5EDT to America/New_York.  But that is not a solution
to the problem that EST5EDT seems broken in "frozen".  As for rebooting,
I reserve that for my Win95 machine ;-).  Honestly, I've seen only one
instance in 5 years of running Linux where I _had_ to reboot (the kernel
was very confused about swap, and was emitting some _very_ alarming
warning messages!).  It should be enough to '/etc/init.d/cron restart'.

- MikeT

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