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Re: MST7MDT (and America/Denver?) timezone broken?

On Wed, Apr 05, 2000 at 09:03:51AM -0400, Touloumtzis, Michael wrote:
> I too got daylight time to be recognized by changing experimentally from
> the SystemV-style EST5EDT to America/New_York.  But that is not a solution
> to the problem that EST5EDT seems broken in "frozen".  As for rebooting,
> I reserve that for my Win95 machine ;-).  Honestly, I've seen only one
> instance in 5 years of running Linux where I _had_ to reboot (the kernel
> was very confused about swap, and was emitting some _very_ alarming
> warning messages!).  It should be enough to '/etc/init.d/cron restart'.

I agree, and generally never reboot. I just wanted to see what the time was in
my CMOS clock, since 'hwclock' seems unable to report the actual value in the
CMOS clock like it did in slink. Yet another bug (although I note this one is
already listed in the Debian bug tracking system).

I took a look at the source for timezones from glic6, and I note that
America/Denver is the same as MST7MDT. Is anyone in the America/Denver
timezone having problems?

I also found that America/Edmonton is the same as Canada/Mountain. So, for
anyone else who lives in Calgary and doesn't want any reference to Edmonton on
their computer, do like me and switch to Canada/Mountain (you have to live
here to understand the rivalry between our two cities :)

I'm off to file a bug report...

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