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Re: Make/makefiles

Hello Bart,
> Can anybody tell me how to make a *simple* makefile? Or a URL where I can
> find more info? The manpages aren't very clear, and *way* too extensive.

try the info-pages on make (hope you have some kind of info-browser
There is a chapter at the beginning (some kind of introduction), where
they describe step by step the construction of a very simple makefile for
a program with about 5 or so source code files.

> I have a small project with 3 source code files, and I don't want to compile
> all of them every time. 

I was in the same situation like you that weekend, was the first time I
ever used a makefile, and I really felt the same, that the manpage is not
that good in such a case, but the info-files really did help.


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