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Re: sound hell


heh, well, no. but seriously.....
after installing bin86, the kernel did, indeed compile correctly.
after many tries, the soundcard still wouldn't work (i did select sound support for Ensoniq pci 97... the chipset for my card).

i swapped it w/ a SB AWE64 i had in another machine and xconfig'ed again and selected support for it and, upon reboot, it worked fine. though, nothing i did w/ my PCI 128 ever worked. does anyone have a success story for this card? perhaps i still did something wrong(?)

well, as a last resort i installed OSS again which WAS a asuccess w/ the PCI 128 card w/o any probs. so, while not a perfect solution (i'd rather have it compiled into the kernel), i have sweet, sweet sound emanating from my speakers, nonetheless.

so, while i'm here, i have one last thing until this whole setup is perfect.
does anyone know about the current support for USB devices?
i have an Epson Stylus Color 740 w/ USB i'm trying to get to work. though no luck so far. can't find a HOWTO for the life of me on this.....

thanks again,

On Fri, Mar 31, 2000 at 10:36:44PM -0500, Sean Johnson wrote:
> apt-get install bin86
> Sean
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