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Re: Setting up Debian - II

Well, I just got up from a well-deserved (and overdue) nap and it occurred
to me that even though Partition Magic took a long time (and therefore I
assumed it was also formatting the new partitions), it might not in fact
have formatted the partitions and that might be an underlying cause of my

I will explicitly format the Unix partitions w PM. If that still leaves me w
problems, I will download fdisk from Debian site and retry, but it seems to
me unless I can get to fdisk through the install procedure, I am otherwise
restricted to a DOS fdisk or the one in PM

All the feedback provides encouragement and a basis to keep at it


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Subject: Re: Setting up Debian - II

> Quoting davidturetsky (davidturetsky@email.msn.com):
> > I followed Joe's recommendation and partitioned my 32gb IBM hard drive
> > follows:
> >   c:         6,997.0   mb
> >   /               39.2    mb
> >   swap      258.8    mb
> >   /usr      5,004.6   mb
> >   e:       20,332.2   mb
> >
> > When I tried to install Debian, avoiding any further partitioning within
> > Debian install procedure, I ended up with: "Floppy error: The attempt to
> > extract the Rescue Floppy failed"
> / is *just* big enough to hold base2_2.tar and no more.
> But had you build a filesystem on it after partitioning the disk.
> Partitioning just produces empty partitions. (Sorry if you know
> all this.)
> > When I said, "go ahead, partition," I ended up with "Bad primary
> > 0: Partition ends after the end-of-disk. Press any key to exit cfdisk"
> Most people use fdisk with big disks, not cfdisk. And run the most
> up-to-date you can find.
> > When I tried to bypass all this and get in with a boot floppy generated
> > several days earlier, with the thought that I could see what Debian
> > the partitions looked like, I got, "kernel panic: No init found. Try
> > init=option to kernel"
> You seem keen to hurry ahead. A boot floppy will load a kernel and then
> try to find a root filesystem wherever it has been told one will be found.
> This isn't much good unless you've installed one first.
> While it's true that people have had difficulties installing on big
> disks whose size is beyond the capabilities of the [c]fdisk they
> were then using, it's not clear to me that that's your only problem,
> but you may be missing out steps in the installation.
> Did you find ftp://<debian-site-of-choice>/debian/dists/
>     <slink-or-potato>/main/disks-i386/current/doc/*
> Cheers,
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