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Re: Setting up Debian

On Tue, Feb 01, 2000 at 03:51:54PM -0800, davidturetsky wrote:
> I'm a newbie to Debian, but an old computer hand... experiencing
> considerable difficulty in setting up a Debian Linux system on my DELL
> Pentium III 34gb drive I set up a 8gb partition using fdisk and
> formated the lower 24gb with MS format. Then I used Partition Magic
> 5.0 to set up a 1,000mb root partition, "/", a 2gb /usr partition and
> a 1gb swap partition. I used Partition Magic to format each partition
> (root: Linux ex2; usr: Linux ex2; Swap partition: swap)

There is a rule that OS's must boot within the first 1024 cylinders of
the drive (I guess it's a BIOS limitation for PC style architecture).  On
older computers like my P90, that mean the first 512mb, on newer ones
like your's I guess that is about 8gb.  So having the lower 24gb as
windows won't work.

You need to get that windows partition down to just below 8gb.  You may
want to put a small /boot partition (like 10mb) next, a few gigs of
linux partitions, and then a big honking D: drive for windows.

I don't have experience with partition magic.  I guess it't pretty neat,
but I don't thing it will allow you to break the 1024 rule (I could be
wrong, I usually am...)

And like someone else said 1gb of swap is an awful lot.  The traditional
standard is 2x your RAM.


Thank you,
Joe Bouchard

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