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Re: Setting up Debian - II

Quoting davidturetsky (davidturetsky@email.msn.com):
> I followed Joe's recommendation and partitioned my 32gb IBM hard drive as
> follows:
>   c:         6,997.0   mb
>   /               39.2    mb
>   swap      258.8    mb
>   /usr      5,004.6   mb
>   e:       20,332.2   mb
> When I tried to install Debian, avoiding any further partitioning within the
> Debian install procedure, I ended up with: "Floppy error: The attempt to
> extract the Rescue Floppy failed"

/ is *just* big enough to hold base2_2.tar and no more.
But had you build a filesystem on it after partitioning the disk.
Partitioning just produces empty partitions. (Sorry if you know
all this.)

> When I said, "go ahead, partition," I ended up with "Bad primary partition
> 0: Partition ends after the end-of-disk. Press any key to exit cfdisk"

Most people use fdisk with big disks, not cfdisk. And run the most 
up-to-date you can find.

> When I tried to bypass all this and get in with a boot floppy generated
> several days earlier, with the thought that I could see what Debian thought
> the partitions looked like, I got, "kernel panic: No init found. Try passing
> init=option to kernel"

You seem keen to hurry ahead. A boot floppy will load a kernel and then
try to find a root filesystem wherever it has been told one will be found.
This isn't much good unless you've installed one first.

While it's true that people have had difficulties installing on big
disks whose size is beyond the capabilities of the [c]fdisk they
were then using, it's not clear to me that that's your only problem,
but you may be missing out steps in the installation.

Did you find ftp://<debian-site-of-choice>/debian/dists/


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