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Re: Squid Proxy server-

this may not be the 'right' way but i think it would work, just delete the
directory /var/spool/squid and run a squid -z to re make it ..


On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, Tom Warfield wrote:

TWarfi >Okay i have done this before but cant remember what i typed to get it to
TWarfi >work.  I need to clear out the cache on my proxy server so that it wont keep
TWarfi >showing some items that i have changed.  how do i do this?  Basicaly I think
TWarfi >what im looking to do is clear out my proxy cache, but i cant remember how
TWarfi >to do that for the life of me.  I am running a squid proxy server.
TWarfi >
TWarfi >Thanks,
TWarfi >Tom
TWarfi >
TWarfi >
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TWarfi >

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