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Re: What happend to Netscape?

On  Wed, 26 Jan 2000, George Bonser wrote: 
> On Wed, 26 Jan 2000, Christian Dysthe wrote:
> > Lately I feel Netscape has gone back to having the problems I felt was
> > solved in 4.7: Memory leaks, crashing and slooooow rendering.
> Something changed in debian someplace that has tickled a problem with
> netscape. I suddenly am finding my system thrashing to swap and processes
> are dying off for lack of RAM when it is running. It seems so far to be a
> problem when I leave the browser parked on a page that has a java applet
> running but I am not yet convinced of that.

I made a similar post two days ago, and was told:

1) Netscape is still a piece of poop.

2) Libc5 version works a little better than libc6.

3) Netscape 3.x does not have the problems associated with Netscape 4.x.  Use 
Netscape 3.x whenever you do not need the added functionality of Netscape 4.x.

4) Disable java and javascript except for when you absolutely must have it.

Also I would like to add that we should do whatever we can to support and help 
with projects such as amaya in order to free ourselves from the Netscape 
problems and the Netscape/aol/Time-warner corporate monster.


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