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Re: X hell!!

Hello Steve

>   one open terminal window that gives me access to the command line. 
>   But I can't use any functions. When I try to open Eterm, Electric Eyes,
>   etc., I get messages saying they are not included in the /bin/bash path. I
>   apt-get update or install or install --fix-missing with no luck or else to
>   receive messages that "404 isn't found."

If it's only some specific programs that you can't start then I'll bet that 
they aren't actually installed on your system :-)

The apt-get won't work unless you have a running internet connection
because it tries to fetch the software from ftp.debian.org or unless you
defined a cdrom entry in /etc/apt/sources.list.

If you have Debian cdroms you should try apt-cdrom to add the necessary
entries to your apt-gets sources.list and then install the programs you
want via 
~$ apt-get update 		# to get the list
~$ apt-cache search term | less	# to see which package it's in
~$ apt-get install eterm		# to actually get and install it

The X11 software then is either in /usr/X11R6/bin or /usr/bin. Remember
that you cannot be sure that Eterm is really called Eterm and not eterm
or ETerm etc. Try 
~$ dpkg -L eterm | less
to get a listing of files included in a debian package.



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