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Re: Dual Video Cards-

On Fri, Jan 21, 2000 at 10:59:41AM -0600, Tom Warfield wrote:
> Can I run Dual Video cards?  I have one that is internal and im thinking of 
> adding another to a PCI slot and running two monitors.  This way i can so 
> my research on one monitor and my implimentation on the other.  So basicaly 
> what i want to be able to is run Xwindows on both video cards at the same 
> time.  Currently using WMaker.  Not realy sure on how to do this, anyone 
> have any ideas, or known anyone who has done this?

Multi-head support is in the works for XWindows 4.0 according to
I don't know when 4.0 will be released, though.  It doesn't say on
that page.  Though I do seem to remember seeing something recently (perhaps
even on this list?) that it'll be soon.

As an alternative I believe that some of the commercial XServer packages have
multi-head support.  Sorry I can't be more specific on that.
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