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Re: SB PCI 128

Ian Stirling wrote:

> Kent West wrote:
> > I did not see the entries you mentioned. So I put those entries that you mentioned
> > in, and commented out the "soundcore" entry already in the file. Then I did a "rmmod
> > es1371" and "rmmod soundcore", then did "insmod sound" and got a message that the
> > sound module was not found."
> >
> > So I undid all my changes and will ignore sound capabilities for another few weeks
> > until it becomes more important to me again, unless of course you have a suggestion
> > that might solve my problem.
> Hi Kent,
> Will you give it another try?
> modprobe es1371  or  insmod es1371
> Ian

Here's the relevant portion of my original /etc/conf.modules file, along with a line or
two above and below:

alias char-major-4 serial
alias char-major-10-130 softdog
alias char-major-14 soundcore
alias iso9660 isofs

Per your instructions to Jon, I changed it to this:

alias char-major-4 serial
alias char-major-10-130 softdog
#alias char-major-14 soundcore
alias char-major-14 es1371
alias sound es1371
alias iso9660 isofs

Then I did a "rmmod es1371". If I try "saytime" now, I get "opening /dev/audio: No such
device" (which is not surprising to me). Then if I do a "modprobe es1371" followed by a
"saytime", I still get very scratchy, and incomplete, output.

If I try to play a sound file, such as "splay filename.au" I get nothing.

If I cat that file, such as "cat filename.au > /dev/audio" I again get very scratchy

The Sound Howto says that I should be able to "cat /dev/sndstat" and get some info on the
card. When I try this, and although the file exists in the /dev directory, I get a "cat:
/dev/sndstat: No such device".

So basically I just live without sound (which only hurts when I'm showing someone the
neat aspects of Linux, and then can't play a sound file).

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