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Upgrade from slink to potato causes things to stop working


I'm having major problems upgrading from slink to potato (stable to
unstable apt sources). After one of the packages is being setup, I get
a whole list of stuff like this:
depmod: /lib/modules/2.0.36/pcmcia SOMETHING.o is not owned by root

Then after something related to PCMCIA gets installed, I get a shorter list
of maybe eight /dev/tty* stuff not working with one of those being my mouse.
What's going on? I've upgraded from slink to potato before without problems
and with these last three times it's impossible. Now my network card, support
for mounting vfat systems, and a lot of other things (again, the /dev/tty part 
where my mouse is) get disabled in the process. I *need* that network card
because I have to have it for my Road Runner cable connection.

This is incredibly frustrating because I've posted a message about this depmod... 
stuff a few days ago and didn't get any responses. I've said this before and I'll say it 
again: on the Red Hat mailing lists, as far as I could tell, *every* message gets at 
least one response. Here several posts get skipped over every day.

This is the type of computer and network card that I have:
Pentium 233 w/ MMX
NE2000 compatible network card

Again, I haven't had problems with upgrading until the last three times that I tried
it in the past week or so. Before that, the last time I had installed Debian was
at least a month away from now. Probably closer to two months.

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