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Re: ttysnoop

On Thu, Oct 21, 1999 at 12:16:53AM +0100, Kris wrote:
> It would be excellent if I could log all insecure telnet traffic,
> partly as an incentive for my users to use SSH and partly because
> there are a lot of 16 year-old students around. Please just send a
> private e-mail if this is a case of not RTFMing :-)

Aside from a proprietary application (of which I do not know of) you could
always use the a shell script and the comman "script" but I am unsure how you
would differentiate between ssh and telnet If you want people to use ssh add
something to your /etc/issue stating in x number of days/weeks telnet will not
be available; and any users wishing shell access need to obtain and install
ssh. Then have them request shell access. This way you could control who has
shell access by adding thier host to ssh.allow (Or whatever the file is)


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