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Re: Purging mozilla

On 20/10/99 David Jardine wrote:

It appears that mozilla creates a subdirectory in the user's home
directory with the user's name, eg /home/fred/fred.  I ran
<dpkg --purge mozilla> which according to my understanding of the
manpages should eliminate all traces of its existence - it didn't
say that exactly, but this seemed the most radical option.

However, the directories are still there, so:
	Should I have done it another way?
	Has mozilla left any other droppings on my system?
	If there is no other way to clean up, shouldn't there be?

dpkg will not go into user's home directories and start removing stuff, that would just be plain rude! :-)

there is probably nothing left of mozzilla except for the files in anyones home directory who used it, but those files belong to the user so it is up to them to delete them. (there may be data they want to keep, bookmarks for instance.)

now if you are the only user then your the only one with these files rm -rf fred should take care of it. (just make sure you point to the right fred :-) )

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