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Re: ttysnoop

Ben Lutgens wrote:

> I am trying to configure ttysnoop. Whenever i try to login with telnet I get:

Sorry, not an answer to your question, but a question of my own to do
with ttysnoop (or any other suitable software):

Would it be possible to log _all_ telnet traffic (including usernames
and times) to a file, rather than simply creating a ``clone'' of the
display? Using .bash_history would be somewhat awkward and unreliable.

It would be excellent if I could log all insecure telnet traffic,
partly as an incentive for my users to use SSH and partly because
there are a lot of 16 year-old students around. Please just send a
private e-mail if this is a case of not RTFMing :-)

 Kris, who has a sneaky feeling he shouldn't have asked...

Kris | sigma9@earthling.net
If you quote this .sig then I hope you get hiccups

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