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I am trying to configure ttysnoop. Whenever i try to login with telnet I get:

Escape character is '^]'.
Debian GNU/Linux potato cybercreep
can't bind server socket (/var/spool/ttysnoop/ttyp0)
Connection closed by foreign host.

the entry in my inetd.conf for telent is

telnet          stream  tcp     nowait  telnetd.telnetd /usr/sbin/tcpd /usr/sbin/in.telnetd -L /usr/sbin/ttysnoops

my /etc/snooptab is as follows

# /etc/snooptab
# these display directly on the specified tty.. no client necessary
# tty		snoopdev	type	execpgm
ttyp0		/dev/pts5	login	/bin/login
ttyp1		/dev/pts1	login	/bin/login
ttyp2		/dev/pts2	login	/bin/login
ttyp3		/dev/pts3	login	/bin/login
ttyp4 		/dev/pts4	login	/bin/login
# the 'socket' snoop-device is for use with the ttysnoop client (any tty not
# listed above will match the wildcard)
*		socket		login	/bin/login

I am using potato with the latest telnetd and ttysnoop packages. The man page
or other docs I have found say nothing of these messages. I am stumped. Anyone
got any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

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