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Re: Did Mutt eat my mail?

It's due to your MTA.  If you're using exim, look into the
`smtp_accept_queue_per_connection' setting in /etc/exim.conf.  Setting
it to `0' will cause all messages to be delivered immediately.  I'm not
sure what the equivalent setting is for the other MTAs.

On Tue, Oct 19, 1999 at 07:40:48PM -0500, David J. Kanter wrote:
> I just signed up for this listserv, and fetchmail saw/downloaded 76
> messages. When I went to Mutt, there were only 10 in the Mutt index pager!
> Huh? Even weirder, about 10 minutes later, Mutt reported I new mail in my
> mailbox (I was already off-line) and the rest of those messages fetchmail
> saw magically appeared.
> What happened? Did I swamp fetchmail and it needed to catch its breath?

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