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RE: $PATH in X ?

Try starting the xterm with the -ls option (think it was this option) that
should start a boot-seesión who gets the environment variables from
/etc/profile. The normal behavior is to start the xterm as child-process and
it gets his PATH from some other file.

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Asunto: $PATH in X ?

I was wondering what the best way to set the path globally in X.  e.g. i
compile kde apps by hand and they all go into /usr/local/kde/bin and no
matter what i do i can't get that into my $PATH for X.  its in my
/etc/enviornment and /etc/profile and i added it to /etc/X11/xdm/Xstartup
but still it doesn't showup.  I use a self compiled copy of afterstep as
my WM.



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