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Re: kdevelop configuration (debian)

>>>"Stephen R. Gore" wrote:
 > Achim Bohnet wrote:
 > > >>>"Stephen R. Gore" wrote:
 > >  > Setting up kdevelop (1.0-19991009-1) ...
 > >  > cannot open dhelp file '/usr/share/doc/HTML/en/kdevelop/.dhelp':
 > >  > at /usr/sbin/install-docs line 559.
 > >  > 
 > > Are you sure /usr/share/doc/HTML/en/kdevelop/.dhelp exists?
 > Actually, I'm sure that it doesn't exist below /usr/share/doc/HTML.
 > AFAIKT, kdevelop never adds it's dir structure there.  I've tried to add
 > it manually, but the added dirs get removed when I attempt to finish
 > configuring.

Check the kdevelop package (dpkg -c): The docs are below /usr/share/doc/HTML.
The /usr/doc/doc-base/kdevelop-* files trigger the install-docs run that uses
dhelp as one of it's backend.  Therefore install-docs tries to create
.dhelp files from the /usr/doc/doc-base/kdevelop-* files that dhelp can use.
But /usr/share/doc/HTML/en/kdevelop tree is already deleted at that time :(

Rule never install docs below /usr/share/doc/HTML :)

 > > The KDE packages currently install below /usr/share/doc/HTML/ which is no
 > > good idea.  AFAIU dhelp_parse -r removes the tree /usr/share/doc/HTML
 > > and rebuilds it from scratch with all .dhelp files in /usr/share/doc.
 > > Result is that all KDE HTML docs vanish from time to time when packages
 > > are upgraded.   This will be fixed in the kde packages in the near future.
 > > 
 > This would explain why the manually added dirs vanish.
 > I've just tried replacing libqt1g with qt1g and qt1g-dev, and building the
 > original source tarball.  This fails in the configure stage, not being able
 > to recognize the qt1g libraries and includes:
 > 	checking for Qt... configure: error: Qt (>= 1.42 and < 2.0) (headers
 > 	and libraries) not found. Please check your installation!
 > dpkg -s qt1g-dev:
 > 	Status: install ok installed
 > 	Version: 1:1.44-6.1
 > Has anyone succesfully installed/compiled kdevelop on a current potato box?

Never tried it.  Wild guess:

	o use new libqt1g-dev instead of qt1g-dev (kdevelop was released
	  before qt1g* -> libqt1g*  transsition.).

	o most (all?) debian specific changes are in the checked into
          CVS repository of KDE.  So you may try to get the lasted 1.1.2
	  branch from the KDE CVS.

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 > Regards,
 > Steve
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