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RE: runlevel management and netbase

On 19-Oct-99 Ethan Benson wrote:
> hello,
> I am switching to debian from redhat land and have come across a 
> couple things that I have not been able to find complete answers to:

welcome aboard (-:

> I have found and RTFM on update-rcd but it does not seem to be really 
> equivalent to chkconfig (only works to add a symlink not change 
> existing ones nor list the status of a service for a specified 
> runlevel...)

hmm, yes update-rc.d expects you to remove the old setup, then place it where
you want.  Having never used the tools you describe, I do not know how much
more I can help here.

Please, if you feel we are missing functionality here, write up a script.  Even
if it is a simple version.

> the problem with a is switching runlevels will only start new 
> services not kill services that are not set to run in that runlevel 
> (unless going to 1 and back)

our init works just like RH's as far as I know.

> also I am wondering if debian leaves the runlevels function to the 
> sole discretion of the admin?  I see that after a install 2345 are 
> all exactly the same (ie start every service in existence and X too) 
> I think I will probably setup the runlevels like redhat does 2 -> 
> multiuser no/minimal network stuff, 3 -> full multiuser networked 
> mode, 5 -> same as 3 plus X.  does this violate any debian 
> conventions that would cause me annoyance in the future?  (redhat is 
> riddled with traps like this...)

You may change the runlevels however you like -- once installed, the {S,K}*
scripts are left to you.

> another oddity I noticed is there is a netbase script which appears 
> to start telnet and about a dozen other services that are also run 
> out of inetd, why? should both netbase and inetd not be run at the 
> same time?  looking at the netbase script it appears to do a couple 
> other things as well but mostly it just seems to make sure your 
> running as many services as possible :)

I have no netbase script.  You will find that some scripts run, check if the
service is in inetd, and if so exit.

> is there a migrate from redhat faq anywhere? I don't remember seeing 
> one, if not maybe I will write one after I get to know debian better 
> if people think something like that would be useful.

Not that I am aware of.  If you would like to write down your experiences, we
can work something out.

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