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How to diable mail relaying in smail

I need to disable mail relaying on my system.  I have smail,
which came as the default with my Debian system, installed.  We cannot figure
out how to turn off mail relaying (an institutionally required anti-spam
measure), since smail does not use a sendmail.cf file.  Can anyone advise?

The only alternative would be to install sendmail in place of smail, but
wouldn't that be a step backwards?

Thanks and regards

Tom Kuiper
Internet:       kuiper@DSNra.JPL.NASA.gov (
SnailMail:      Jet Propulsion Lab 169-506, Pasadena, CA 91109
Phone/fax:      (818) 354-5623/8895
WWW:            http://DSNra.JPL.NASA.gov/~kuiper/

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