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runlevel management and netbase


I am switching to debian from redhat land and have come across a couple things that I have not been able to find complete answers to:

in redhat land the preferred way to manage the rc?.d symlinks was with chkconfig (more typing but works right) or ntsysv (don't work right most of the time) which allow you to set a service to be stopped or started at specified runlevels, this was accomplished by changing a K to a S and vise versa...

I have found and RTFM on update-rcd but it does not seem to be really equivalent to chkconfig (only works to add a symlink not change existing ones nor list the status of a service for a specified runlevel...)

the way I see it to stop a service from running on a runlevel I could a) rm the service symlink from the appropriate rc?.d or b) mv Sblah Kblah (tedious)

the problem with a is switching runlevels will only start new services not kill services that are not set to run in that runlevel (unless going to 1 and back)

also I am wondering if debian leaves the runlevels function to the sole discretion of the admin? I see that after a install 2345 are all exactly the same (ie start every service in existence and X too) I think I will probably setup the runlevels like redhat does 2 -> multiuser no/minimal network stuff, 3 -> full multiuser networked mode, 5 -> same as 3 plus X. does this violate any debian conventions that would cause me annoyance in the future? (redhat is riddled with traps like this...)

another oddity I noticed is there is a netbase script which appears to start telnet and about a dozen other services that are also run out of inetd, why? should both netbase and inetd not be run at the same time? looking at the netbase script it appears to do a couple other things as well but mostly it just seems to make sure your running as many services as possible :)

is there a migrate from redhat faq anywhere? I don't remember seeing one, if not maybe I will write one after I get to know debian better if people think something like that would be useful.

I am running potato btw.

thanks for reading this long message...

Best Regards,
Ethan Benson
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