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Re: How to diable mail relaying in smail

This is fixed in later versions (i.e., in potato).  You
might want to get the Debian source package of that and build your own
slink package.  exim is another possibility. I don't personally think
sendmail would be a step backwards--I use it.

On Tue, Oct 19, 1999 at 11:42:04AM -0700, Tom Kuiper wrote:
> I need to disable mail relaying on my system.  I have smail,
> which came as the default with my Debian system, installed.  We cannot figure
> out how to turn off mail relaying (an institutionally required anti-spam
> measure), since smail does not use a sendmail.cf file.  Can anyone advise?
> The only alternative would be to install sendmail in place of smail, but
> wouldn't that be a step backwards?
> Thanks and regards
> Tom Kuiper
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