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Re: Linux/NT dual booting

Martin Fields wrote:
> For a dual boot - why not go to a computer store and buy one of those things
> where you can swap hard drives like disks?  They are around 30$, then for

This is a "physical" solution. In computer world, I think it's not that
quite cool.

> linux get a cheap 3 gig. you could run the same, but I would reccomend more
> space for nt.

But not so much more; NT needs the BIOS to get the size of the
harddisks. If you go beyond aprox. 8.7G (1024 cyls.), then the extra
space wouldn't be useful (or you'd need to partition the disks, and get
some headaches due to the fact that LILO has problems in accessing that
size too).


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