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Netboot & swapfile


It seems that this mailing list is not only talking about Debian
specifics but also Linux in general, so I have questions on Linux

Some days ago I installed several Linux clients with no harddisk to boot
from a server. The clients had 32MB RAM; this could be quite a lot, but
for running X apps I thought that swapspaces would still be needed. The
problem was that I couldn't set the swap files for the clients. I tried
it using nfs, but "swapon" wouldn't work. Is there any possibility to
have swap files on the server to be accessed by the clients via the LAN?

BTW, if you happen to install Linux for netbooting, ps (which needs
/proc) wouldn't work. I worked it around using ramdisks (/dev/ramdisk);
all I needed was to set ramdisk "on" on the clients' boot floppies
(using rdev) and used the devices later as the mount points for /proc.
The question is, was that the right way to make ps working?  


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