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HP J3171 PCI Lan Adapter under Debian 2.1

I have installed debian 2.1 on an HP Vectra Xu
platform with the "HP 10/100 Mbps Network Interface".
When I try to configure the kernel module driver,
hp100.o, in the installation or later with 'modconf'
I get "Device or resource busy".

I temporarily inserted a LinkSys EtherPCI II card
and installed the ne2k-pci driver.  The modconf
added it fine, and the network link worked.

Does anyone have any experience with the HP Lan card
or know of any additional resources I could contact.
I have looked at the hp100.o module in the kernel
and messages on the kernel list, the debian-users
archives, the www.hp.com site, and such without any

Thanks in advance,

Gary Young
begin:          vcard
fn:             Gary Young
n:              Young;Gary
org:            Motorola SPS IT
adr:            Motorola Piedmont Office - Cube 41D;;9801 South 51st Street;Phoenix;AZ;85044;USA
email;internet: r38628@email.sps.mot.com
tel;work:       480-383-5411
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x-mozilla-html: FALSE
version:        2.1
end:            vcard

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