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Re: disk backups

> is it somehow possible to save a complete disk structure via a net
> booted system. I guess I have at least to do the(re-)partitioning by
> hand. I especially think about some windows based  clients which I want
> to quickly repair in case of "emergency". Therefore, I'd like to install
> the system, all the apps and stuff and generate an image of the harddisk
> partitions or even the whole disk(s).
I use tar for just that. I tar a mounted vfat partition and burn that onto
a cd, so when my windows partition gets messed up by some application I
just boot linux and put the tarfile back, and the system is ok. It even
boots right after putting back the tarfile!

Of course you can do this with an nfs mounted partition instead of a cdrom
just as easy. So you need a set of boot/root floppies that can use nfs,
or a minimal linux install next to your windows partitions that can use
the network card.

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