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Re: debconf & netbase fails

Joey Hess wrote:

> Ingo Reimann wrote:
> > when i installed debconf, i was happy, when he asked my, whether to use some
> > nice gtk-interface or not.
> > I thought, this was a good idea, and so during apt-get update/upgrade, some
> > windows pops up an vanishes, but I only see a black box. How do i get rid of
> > this an switch to a text-based output
> Run "dpkg-reconfigure --frontend=text debconf" and this time read the note
> saying that the GTK interface is experimental, and make your coice more
> wisely.
> Note that if you upgraded to unstable in the past few days, that won't work
> and you should just delete /var/lib/debconf/debconf.db instead. (It will
> start working again tomorrow..)

Hi Joey ,

thanks for you advise, but unfortunately it did not work :-(

some apt-get update; apt-upgrade later i ran into the following situation:

I got nice gtk-boxes, that asked me, wich interfaces i want to use (eth0 eth1 ppp0).

E: Sub-process dpkg-preconfig --apt recieved a segmentation fault.
E: Failure running script dpkg-preconfig --apt

I deleted /var/lib/debconf/debconf.db, even if i did not upgrade from slink. and ran
dpkg-reconfigure --frontend=text debconf. The next time i got the ncurses-interface
and after the same question about the interfaces:
Can't use string ("ARRAY(0x8233c44)") as an ARRAY ref while "strict refs" in use at
/usr/lib/perl5/Debian/DebConf/Element/Dialog/Select.pm line 46, <GEN23> chunk 5.
E: Sub-process dpkg-preconfig --apt returned an error code (29)
E: Failure running script dpkg-preconfig --apt

Am i wrong or the package?

Thanks for help,


        I. Reimann                       reimann@uni-muenster.de
        Inst. fuer Angew. Physik         +49 251 83-33541 (fon)
        Correnstr. 2-4                   +49 251 83-33513 (fax)
        D-48149 Muenster

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