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RE: nfs boot off of a kernel on a floppy

I think that the HOWTO`s you are using are the right ones.
I'm doing something similar and with the three of them I got it out.
The only thing I did to make it a little bit easier was installing a "new"
debian on a 500 MB disk I had and to mount this working system in my
"NFS-Server" machine therefore I didn't had to do all the file-copying as
discribed in the NFS-Root-Client-Mini-HOWTO (I think it was this one).
The easiest (and the slowest)way is to boot the client with a floppy and to
use rarp herefore you have to edit a file in /etc/ (del servidor) (with man
rarp you should find the file's name).
For the real NFS-thing it doesn't matter how you resolve the clients
IP-number (rarp, bootpd or dhcp)
Greetings Lorenz

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I just need a few pointers to docs and such.

I am wanting to steal my wifes CPU for some number crunching and don't
really want to install linux on her machine.  I would like to use NFS
root booting to accomplish this.  My ultimate goal is to have a floppy
with an appropriate kernel on it that I can stick in the machine and
reboot the machine grabbing everything via nfs off my Linux box.  I am
reading the NFS-HOWTO, the NFS-Root Mini-HOWTO and the NFS-Root-Client
Mini-HOWTO.  Any other docs I should look at?  

I am running slink with a slew of 'apt-get --compile source' packages
from potato with kernel 2.2.12.  Should I use the kernel NFS server or
the userland server.  What about the difference between dhcp, bootp and
rarp? I don't have a boot rom on the client so I am not sure how that
affects anything yet.

I have never worked with NFS before so I am totally in the dark.  

Thanks for any input,

Mechanical Engineering                              servis@purdue.edu
Purdue University                   http://www.ecn.purdue.edu/~servis

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