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Re: Mouse configuration

Ron Stordahl wrote:


> So the prompt  "ps2 - For most busmice connected to a ps/2 port...." is
> confusing.  I did choose that and clearly I do not have a busmouse.  But I
> chose the "Standard" profile, which does not incorporate X.  Is there a non
> X application which will use the mouse?  If you can suggest one I could test
> the mouse.  I may need to reconfigure it which I believe I can do by
> rerunning mcg or something like that.  Its somewhere in my notes (I hope).
> Or maybe there is a mouse test program???
> Ron

You're probably looking for the gpmconfig program, part of the
gpm package. It sets up the console mouse, and offers to allow
you to test the configuration before writing to the configuration
file. Note that this has nothing to do with X, just the console
mode (I believe).

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