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Mouse configuration

I am doing a fresh install and get to the point where the install asks:

Do you want to run gpm's mouse-test program (Y/n)?  (to which I respond)
Where is your mouse [/dev/ttyS0]?  (to which I respond)
/dev/psaux     (since I have a Microsoft Intellimouse 1.2A PS/2 compatible)
What type is your mouse (or help) [ms]?
help  (which gives me a list which is confusing for these reasons:

ms   - For Microsoft mice (2 or 3 buttons)......
 ---various obviously wrong choices....
ps2  - For most busmice connected to a ps/2 port (round with 6 metal pins).
 ---various other obviously wrong choices

I don't know what a 'busmouse' is except I thought it was more or less
extinct yet I am inclined to choose ps2.

I know my mouse is a PS/2 type, connected with a round din plug installed on
the mainboard.

Whats the correct answer?


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