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Re: Mouse configuration


I am looking at "Upgrading and Repairing PCs" fifth edition from QUE.

A bus mouse is typically used in systems that do not have motherboard mouse port or any
available serialports. The name bus mouse is derived from the fact that the mouse
requires a special bus interface board that occupies a slot in your computer and
communicates with the device driver across the main motherboard bus.
So if you don't have a card plugged into your ISA slot then you don't have a bus mouse.

Motherboard Mouse Port (PS/2)
Most newer PC come with a dedicated mouse port built into the motherboard.  Referred as
the PS/2 mouse interface.  This usually uses a mini-DIN connector like the one used on
most keyboards.

The book says that the PS/2 uses IRQ12 which is usually free. This allow you to connect
other devices to com1 and com2.  I believe that the "Microsoft" mouse uses the serial
port (i.e. com1 or com2).

Kristopher Johnson wrote:

> Ron Stordahl wrote:
> >
> > I am doing a fresh install and get to the point where the install asks:
> >
> > Do you want to run gpm's mouse-test program (Y/n)?  (to which I respond)
> > y
> > Where is your mouse [/dev/ttyS0]?  (to which I respond)
> > /dev/psaux     (since I have a Microsoft Intellimouse 1.2A PS/2 compatible)
> > What type is your mouse (or help) [ms]?
> > help  (which gives me a list which is confusing for these reasons:
> >
> > ms   - For Microsoft mice (2 or 3 buttons)......
> >  ---various obviously wrong choices....
> > ps2  - For most busmice connected to a ps/2 port (round with 6 metal pins).
> >  ---various other obviously wrong choices
> >
> > I don't know what a 'busmouse' is except I thought it was more or less
> > extinct yet I am inclined to choose ps2.
> >
> > I know my mouse is a PS/2 type, connected with a round din plug installed on
> > the mainboard.
> >
> > Whats the correct answer?
> >
> > Ron
> >
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> ps2 is the correct answer.
> I was a little confused by the choices too.  I don't have
> statistics, but I would guess that the vast majority of computers
> sold in the last two years have a PS/2 Microsoft mouse.  The
> various mouse configuration programs in Linux (X included) would
> be easier for most people to understand if they said "if you
> aren't using a laptop, you probably have a PS/2 mouse".
> - Kris
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