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Re: Is dpkg unique to debian?

André Bell wrote:
> I just bought QUE's "Special Edition Using Linux" and there is no mention
> of dpkg in its index or table of contents.  Bummer...
> I've typed 'dpkg --help' and still don't understand what I need to input so
> that apache installs.
> I've installed the admin package by running boot.bat and following the
> prompts and now would like to install apache and a few other web server
> packages.  Unfortunately when signed in as root I get errors when I type
> "dpkg --install apache" and "dpkg apache" and errors with "dpkg -apache".
> I'm obviously doing something wrong. Any ideas what I need to type to
> install apache?  Deslect is supposed to be more user friendly but it seems
> deselect requires more effort to get to the item I want installed.
> Thanks.
> Andre'
> p.s. Oh, the error says 'Cannot access archive: No such file or directory
> Errors were encountered while processing'
> --
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What you need to do is grad the apache archive and any dependencies that you
don't have and install with this command (as root).

dpkg -i apache_$$versioninfo$$.deb

Get it?  You need a file to install from, you can't just type "dpkg -i apache". 
I think that reading the debian FAQ will help in this regard.  Get it from
www.debian.org under docs.

Hope that helps


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