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Re: Suggestion for Newbie Guide Lines (ITP)

* Michael Stenner <mstenner@phy.duke.edu> writes:

>> > b) having a table of contents and index ( <- index might be hard )
>> --------------------------------------------^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> Not too much if the base is SGML or (La)TeX.

> That makes me happy.  It will probably be in debiandoc-sgml by Martin
> Bialasinski's suggestion.  I'll have to look into this, though.

Well, I also don´t know about the exact steps to create an index from
SGML, but if the logical mark-up doesn´t provide means for it, it´s
cra**. I´m pretty sure it´s no problem though.

>> This "very short documenation" should be in plain ASCII, IMO. It
>> should include links, of course, whereever they may lead.

> What do you mean by ASCII links?  You just mean references?  I don't

Yes, references, sorry.

> mind providing and ASCII version, but I think that for ease of
> navigation, well designed HTML (as a final version) would be best.
> Although I can think of a few scenarios that might make us both happy:
> HTML "paths" that all end in ascii docs, for example.

Good. If SGML is the base, it can be converted into virtually anything:
HTML, ASCII, man-pages (*roff), TeX (not sure about texinfo/info, but
from here to dvi, ps, pdf).

> documentation if they want more detail.  I see this project as more
> "organizing documentation" than "writing documentation".

Okay then.

> On Fri, Jul 23, 1999 at 10:53:04AM +0200, Joachim Trinkwitz wrote:
>> What about using/modifying/enhancing dwww -- I think it would be good
>> to take an existing application as starting point instead of adding
>> another one to those already there (dhelp is there to, but doesn't
>> work for me).

Hmm. I didn´t have dwww on my system, so I checked. It needs a HTTP
server as well as a browser. If getting one of them fails, the user
is stuck. Therefore I´d stay with a system that can produce ASCII and
can be printed. It should mention dwww and dhelp, of course.

SGML is the best way IMHO. The link to file:/usr/doc/HTML/index.html
(what dhelp is) can be included there. This link can be even translated
to a link in PDF, if done right (*might* be a bit complicated though).

> 1) sources of documentation   (LDP, /usr/doc/HOWTO/, etc)

Havoc Pennington´s Debian Tutorial (would be good to have it as a package,
is there already one?), Dale Scheetz´ book which can also be had online
(lost the bookmark, maybe www.linuxpress.com is a starting point), maybe
also http://www.debian.org/%7Ejoey/linx.html

Will keep an open eye.


Colin Marquardt <colin.marquardt@gmx.de>

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