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Re: Suggestion for Newbie Guide Lines

	Subject: Re: Suggestion for Newbie Guide Lines
	Date: Tue, Jul 20, 1999 at 10:18:17PM +0200

In reply to:Colin Marquardt

Quoting Colin Marquardt(colin.marquardt@gmx.de):
> * Stephan Engelke <engelke@math.uni-hamburg.de> writes:
> > the most common problem I have encountered when suggesting Linux as an
> > OS to other people is, that even though there is a wealth of docs out
> > there, new users don't know where to look for them.  Newbies need to be told
> Indeed. Going a slight bit astray from the original topic, I´d suggest
> to add a few lines to /etc/motd, like:
> "If you are a new user to Linux, you´ll want to read the New-User
> Guide. Do a `more /usr/share/doc/new-user-guide.txt'."
> This new-user-guide.txt would be a required package, and consist of
> just a few pointers to the most important information, and with the
> exact steps on how to read this information with a standard Debian
> installation.
> This would also help in reducing the traffic on this and other lists,
> IMO.
> Colin

Very good idea, Colin.  That would be _much_ better than a weekly
posting to the list!  We would have to find a Maintainer to package
it, of course.  

That gets my Vote!

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Wayne T. Topa <wtopa@mindspring.com>

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