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[Fwd: Lynx Problems]

Those who have been pondering my Lynx problems might care to comment on
this message I received from a guy who answered a post elsewhere. If he
is correct, it appears that I may have been trying to do something that
even experts would find difficult.

        Re: lynx configuration
        Wed, 21 Jul 1999 20:02:19 -0400 (EDT)
        Doug Young <dougy@gargoyle.apana.org.au>


now i understand the source of your problem.   you are trying to use a
copy of lynx found on a distribution copy of linux.   just a suggestion,
linux is not for a beginner, as you have self described yourself.  
every part of it must be setup and configured by someone who knows more
then a casual experience with it.   when you see people talking about
using linux on the discussion groups, they are dialing into an internet
provider where the copy of linx resides.   there computer is in fact
operating that computer remotely; so a command made on their computer
over the phone line through the modem and is recieved and performed by
remote computer.   what ever results from that command appears on the
local computer.   if you really want to use linux and operate a copy of
linx on it, you need help from someone who knows the linux operating
system and how to set things up.   i have only a minimal knowledge of
linux.   a second choice is to find a copy of linx which operates either
under dos or windows, such do exist.   a third way to use linx is as i
and as i have just described above, to use my computer to operate a
computer which has linx on it.   if you want to pursue using linx on
linux, i can direct you to a group of blind linux users.   let me know,


On Thu, 22 Jul 1999, Doug Young wrote:

> > what i had you do was the most basic function in lynx.  my thought at this
> > time is that the particular copy your isp is using is bad,
> I got the Debian CD set including Lynx from LSL (http:..www.lsl.com.au) so
> the server isn't involved in any way.
> possibly mis-compiled.
> I wouldn't have the faintest idea about compiling anything .... Lynx was
> just an option to select in Debians "dselect" utility so thats where it came
> from. I didn't get any dialog or config script / instructions / whatever
>   if you give directly an url such as i had you do, a start
> > file is not needed.  have you consulted with your isp about this?
> I may be missing something here but I can't understand what the server has
> to do with Lynx not running on a local box ..... every application I run on
> Windows, Mandrake, & Solaris boxes works fine so I don't think its a server
> problem
> lynx is quite straight forward in use and function and is very stable in
> > operation, thus i feel it is in the specific copy you are trying to use.
> Someone instructed me how to tell what version .. turned out to be the
> current one, but due to the total absence of intelligible documentation I
> don't have any idea what its even supposed to look like in action
> > do i assume correctly that you are using lynx via a modem using your
> > computer as a terminal
> hey I'm a newbie at this stuff .... I wouldn't know a terminal if I tripped
> over one :(
>  to run it on an isp's machine; and not using a copy of lynx that runs on
> your computer?
> Lynx is "definitely" installed on a local box, I didn't even realize it was
> possible to run it on another machine ...... the Debian box will dialup to
> server and make a ppp connection thats about all it will do
> >
> > dan
> >
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