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Re: [Fwd: Lynx Problems]

	Subject: [Fwd: Lynx Problems]
	Date: Thu, Jul 22, 1999 at 10:36:05AM +1000

In reply to:Doug Young

Quoting Doug Young(dougy@gargoyle.apana.org.au):
> Those who have been pondering my Lynx problems might care to comment on
> this message I received from a guy who answered a post elsewhere. If he
> is correct, it appears that I may have been trying to do something that
> even experts would find difficult.
>    Subject: 
>         Re: lynx configuration
>    Date: 
>         Wed, 21 Jul 1999 20:02:19 -0400 (EDT)
>    From: 
>         ddunfee@city-net.com
>      To: 
>         Doug Young <dougy@gargoyle.apana.org.au>
> hello,
> now i understand the source of your problem.   you are trying to use a
> copy of lynx found on a distribution copy of linux.   just a suggestion,
> linux is not for a beginner, as you have self described yourself.  
> almost
> every part of it must be setup and configured by someone who knows more
> then a casual experience with it.   when you see people talking about
> using linux on the discussion groups, they are dialing into an internet
> provider where the copy of linx resides.   there computer is in fact
> operating that computer remotely; so a command made on their computer
> goes
> over the phone line through the modem and is recieved and performed by
> the
> remote computer.   what ever results from that command appears on the
> local computer.   if you really want to use linux and operate a copy of
> linx on it, you need help from someone who knows the linux operating
> system and how to set things up.   i have only a minimal knowledge of
> linux.   a second choice is to find a copy of linx which operates either
> under dos or windows, such do exist.   a third way to use linx is as i
> do
> and as i have just described above, to use my computer to operate a
> remote
> computer which has linx on it.   if you want to pursue using linx on
> linux, i can direct you to a group of blind linux users.   let me know,
> dan

He's right.  Thats why people who know, use Debian.

What do you think the maintainer does.  Stuff a program into a package
without checking it out and setting it up so that it will run?

Lynx runs right out of the box.  It works and works well.  Just
because you haven't been able to read and understand the manuals is no
reason to condem it.

You are doing/saying the same thing about LRP.  Because you can't
understand the manuals, you are off on a rant about why people can't
write manuals you can understand.

I have been tryong to help you with both LRP and Lynx since July 18,
off this list.  I directed you to the Howto's then and I just finished
a reply to you where you asked me "What language are the Howto's
written in".  You have yet to read them but complain how bad the docs
are.  I've had it.  I tried to help.  I've had 11 personal mails from
you and you have not done one thing yet, on your own.  Every mail is a
complaint that the Linux Docs are bad and Windows is better.  

Well I have done all I can.  I have had a feeling for the last two
days, seeing all of your negative comments, that you were a troll.
Now it doesn't matter.  Don't ask me for any more help.  With you
attitude, I think that Windows 2000 is the place for you.  Buy a Cisco
router, if you can read their manuals, and forget about Linux. 

My apologies to the list.  I have just had it with this guy.

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