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Re: Good HTML editor for debian Linux?

I don't know what features BBEdit has, but when I'm doing HTML stuff in X I like to
use WebMaker as an editor.  Bluefish is also pretty nice, but it doesn't yet have
syntax highlighting, which I'm pretty much hooked on.

You can get WebMaker by adding the following line in your /etc/apt/sources.list file:

    deb http://kde.tdyc.com potato kde kde2 contrib
and then doing an apt-get install webmaker.  Since WebMaker uses both the qt and kde
libraries, you will need both, but apt should be able to easily figure that out.

As for Bluefish ... apt-get install bluefish works, as it's in the main.  It is based
upon GTK instead of QT/KDE.

I know that WebMaker has a preview button that will open up Netscape (or anyother
browser you want to specify), and I believe Bluefish has this capability as well, but
I'm not sure as I don't use it (the editor) very often.

I also don't know about the template or preprocessor abilities of either editor, as
these are features that I don't yet require.


Chris Beaumont wrote:

> Hello,
>   I'm just curious what people are using to write HTML with on Debian,
> The available editors ive tried so far all seem *so* clunky and unsuited
> to the task...  cut and paste works irregularly if at all, no facilities
> for previewing.. etc.  Am I missing some obvious choice? Ive used
> Gxedit, nedit, thisedit, thatedit..
> Basically what I'm looking for is a workhorse editor that I can use as
> my main HTML tool.
> Is there anything Linux-friendly with anything approaching the feature
> set of the program that I am used to, BBEdit on the Power Macintosh...
> Any suggestions are welcome..  I'm also looking for HTML template and
> preprocessor solutions...
> ****Thank you!*****
> Chris Beaumont
> cbeaumon@msri.org

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