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Re: Instalation decisions

On Sat, Jul 10, 1999 at 10:32:54AM +0000, Walter Logeman wrote:
> I have a Debian 2.0 disk (installs kernel 2.0.34) and am wondering if it would
> be best to install that, and then upgrade from the web or purchase the latest
> book and disk.  

Either way would work.  Debian 2.1 requires two CDs and some people have
difficulties (i.e., read the directions carefully).  Upgrading from 2.0
to 2.1 is a snap with apt.  Or you can just download the floppy images
and do the whole install that way. I've even done that via ppp, but it
was an overnight job (so is upgrading).

> My first time on an AMD K6 200, on a second 2Gig HDD.  The machine has win 98 on
> a 6gig Hard disk and i will wan to be able to dual boot.
> I have also been considering a purchase of Caldera.  While I am attracted to the
> Debian open principles the Boot Magic and Wordperfect suit also appeal.

Lilo does a fine job of handling the boot selection.  You can download
Wordperfect from Corel's site.

> How hard is it to install from one distribution and then develop the setup using
> bits from all over?

If you are careful it isn't too bad.  Debian has more stuff packaged
than anybody else, so the need is typically less.  Non-packaged software
should go in /usr/local to keep it separate from the rest, so things
don't break when you upgrade, etc. 


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