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RE: multiple IPs on one netcard

Is it possible to have Linux split up the bandwidth automatically on aliased

The HOWTO only covered static IPs, it is possible to use dynamics as well?


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On Sat, 10 Jul 1999, Paul Miller wrote:

> Is it possible to a network card configured to use multiple IP address
> (ie, 4 static + 4 dynamic = 8 IPs) at once?  All of the IPs are on the
> same network and netmask.  If this is possible, where can I find more
> information on how to do this?
> Thanks
> -Paul

This is called IP-aliasing.
Try reading this document:

btw.. it's always good to look at the documentation at:
http://metalab.unc.edu/LDP/ (there are also mirrors)

rather before asking on a list, but before. :)

hope this helps a lot,

PS I think you can also look at: www.linux-howto.com (it's a lot easier
to remember and it take a load of the other documentationservers).

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