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Re: [SuSE Linux] What DO you lose with Linux ???

> To a certain extent I have to agree, but where I REALLY think Linux lags behind
> is email. I miss an email client coming close to for instance Outlook Express
> and The Bat! for Windows (or even Eudora!). The only one is XFmail which
> currently is not being developed it seems.

The Outlook family are generally considered broken even by ardent Microsoft
fans.  They ride rough shod over standards and convention, make it difficult
to quote sesnibly, don't seem to do blind copies, and will send HTML,
MS-TNEF and GIF images of the paper almost without warning.

If you want a free Windows mail program, use Pegasus, preferably one of the
older ones, as it has gone down hill with the introduction of rich text,
which is about as broken as Outlook's.  Unfortunately Pegasus is not
available in source code and Eudora Lite is a teaser for a commercial

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