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Re: Lothar Project

Sami Dalouche writes:
 > But the Desktop Manager is KDE and Debian doesn't have KDE package (It's better like this). So Debin could make another project :
 > glothar wich includes gnome instead of KDE

Sorry, but I think you haven't take a look in their URL posted previoulsy in
this thread:


They plan GTK and QT interfaces. Actually the screen shots in the site are of
a GTK version using some theme I can't remember the name now. I do agree with
with the opinion already expressed that a console interface would be welcome.

Before thinking to start a flamewar people should at least get informed...

Paulo José da Silva e Silva   <rsilva@ime.usp.br>
Ph.D. Student in Applied Math. 
University of São Paulo - Brazil

"May the code be with you" :-)

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