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Re: Lothar Project

But the Desktop Manager is KDE and Debian doesn't have KDE package (It's better like this). So Debin could make another project :
glothar wich includes gnome instead of KDE
On Fri, Apr 23, 1999 at 09:51:25AM -0400, Brian Schramm wrote:
> Sticking with the idea of making Linux (Debian) easier to install, has any of
> the Debian geniuses looked at the Lothar Project?  I think it would be easy to
> start putting into that project and get the Debian distribution better for it.  I
> am not that good of a programmer but I know that Debian has the best
> programmers on the team.  
> So, what is the thought on that?  Maybe Corel could even step into it?  Who
> knows.  I think it would benefit Debian to have full hardware sensing in it.
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