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Re: How to bring a file from Windows to Debian?


I hoped my first answer was useful and friendly.  Friendly,
perhaps, but the first answer wasn't too helpful. Sorry.

I answered this for Windows / MS DOS file systems, not for RW (I
assume CD-RW). The spirit of the answer is the same, but the
details are somewhat different. 

I assume that your "RW" is a read-write CD, that the file system
on the CD is iso9660, and that you have iso9660 supported by your

If these things are true, then you can read the CD by mounting it

	mount  -r -t iso9660 /mnt/hdxx /cdrom

where hdxx is device for your ide cd rw. 

If your CD-RW is SCSI, I don't know. My scsi CD ROM is /dev/scd0,
I would try that device, unless it is the second CD device, where
it should be scd1.


 David Teague, dbt@cs.wcu.edu
 Debian GNU/Linux Because software support should be free, timely,
                useful, technically accurate, and friendly.
       (Hoping that this is all of the above. Everybody 
	else's help is certainly all of the above.)

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