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Re: How to bring a file from Windows to Debian?

Sebastian (SLind@ksk.ivm.de) wrote:

> Yesterday I downloaded the new
SVGA_Server in order to let work my Diamond Viper V550. I burned
the File on my RW. Who can help me how to copying the file in the
corresponding directory?  
> Thanks a lot 

Hi Sebastian:

You have two choices.

One is use mtools, the other is to mount the drive, and use Linux.  If
you have mtools installed, and configured (mine was configured out
of the box):

	 mcopy C:/filename .

This is a bit for bit copy, meaning, this is for binary files. If your
file is <cr-lf> delimited text, you need to use

	 mcopy -t C:/filename .

which will convert the  <cr-lf> to <CR>. 

Conversely, you can mount the file system. On my system, Windows is on
/dev/sda1. As root, 

	mount  -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt

If you don't have vfat (long file names) on your Windows system, then
use msdos instead of vfat for the file system.  Your Windows system's
files will appear under /mnt.  (NB There is no <lf> to <cr-lf>
conversion here.)

One thing: your message had a very long line, it will help those of us
who use text mailers (PINE, etc) for you to press return every 70
characters or so. Some mail composers generate local <cr> but don't
insert them into the file.


David Teague, dbt@cs.wcu.edu
Debian GNU/Linux Because software support should be free, timely,
                 useful, technically accurate, and friendly.
		  (I hope this is all of the above.)

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