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Re: What DO you lose with Linux ???

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On Tue, 6 Apr 1999 04:44:00 -0600 (MDT), John Galt wrote:

>SNEAKERNET just because YOU can't configure procmail?  I'd say that your
>failure to configure procmail is YOUR problem, not one to be visited on
>the internet at large.  I've sneakernetted files of a size that would
>make you blanch in my day, but I see no reason to do this as a matter of
>protocol, not when there exists a simple method to do so, regardless of
>whether or not you like the method.

    Because I can't configure procmail?
1: I can configure procmail.
2: I choose not to because I use Exim's filtering
3: I can configure Exim's filtering.
4: None of which matters because I operate my own connection on a 33.6k
modem which means the file is ALREADY received before I get a chance to
filter it.

    When there exists a simple method.  There are several such methods which
are PROPER.  But if the IT department doesn'y allow them, tough.  If the ISP
doesn't allow them, change ISPs.  But use the proper protocol.  That is what
is known as playing nice in the playground with the other kids.

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